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Черные паруса  Black Sails

Черные паруса Black Sails

When Starz announced that they will be opening a new show about pirates some just rolled her eyes. In fact, while the show received generally favorable reviews, many critics criticized the black sails as tedious and gratuitous; just another paid for the television program from ships.

However, everyone knows that is the audience that shapes the success of the show and the black sails has already proved that she doesn't need help remaining afloat. With a third season in production, and the second season, leaving viewers to look forward in anticipation for captain flint's pirate crew to return, can not be more.


Black sails is an intriguing show on many levels, but it's a premise that feels a long time ago. Why no one has done a show about the realities of piracy of the 18th century up to? It seems the obvious winner, but in the last ten years only a real pirate-pirates of the Caribbean, and before that nothing scared in a long time.

The show did more than just deliver a fresh room. The story weaves a tapestry of interesting history and the most famous pirate novel of all time, treasure Island, for whom the show is a prequel. By doing so, black sails manages to weave a new mythology for some interesting history, which has long been shrouded in mystery and clichés.

While the third season inevitably promises more treasure is still some far away, so that at the same time, it's time to dig up some intriguing pieces-of-eight to keep your interest pricked.


Wow this show is amazing!The first scene is absolutely brilliant one of the best opening's I've ever seen on the show before.All the pilot has done extremely a lot and acts really well here. The character development is really good, without going overboard, which I was surprised.Installation and the seats were absolutely amazing! This is exactly what I pictured back in the days of pirates. The story can be a bit confusing for some, although you realize that, in the end. Honestly, I really can't praise this show enough, it's one of the best pilots I've ever seen, but then again I don't watch TV much. I'm really looking forward to this series to go on. I will watch this every Saturday evening. I recommend anyone that is looking for a good show. Absolutely brilliant 10/10

Ничего себе это шоу является удивительным!Первая сцена абсолютно блестящий один из лучших открытие х я когда-либо видел в шоу раньше.Вся пилот сделал чрезвычайно много а действий, которые они действительно хорошо здесь. Развитие персонажа делается действительно очень хороший, не выходя за борт, который я был удивлен.Установка и места были совершенно удивительные! Это именно то, что я бы на фото назад в дни пиратов. История может быть немного запутанным для некоторых, хотя вы это поймете, в конце концов. Честно говоря, я действительно не могу похвалить это шоу достаточно, это один из лучших пилотов я когда-либо видел, но опять же я не смотрю телевизор много. Я действительно с нетерпением ждем эту серию, чтобы пойти дальше. Я буду смотреть это каждый вечер субботы. Я рекомендую это всем, что ищет хорошее шоу. Абсолютно блестящий 10/10









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